14+ Top Sites Where can I Post my Business for FREE: Business Listing [2022]

Do you know that 65% of businesses today have their own website which expands their reach to even more people & they are also posting their business on other listing sites for FREE.

In today’s time, the Internet has reached more than half of the people of the world and people search on the Internet for all their queries, so the more you keep your business & website online the more potential customers you will be able to reach.

Many people ask the Best Business listing website where can I post my business or website for FREE, if you also want to know where to list your website or business for free, then this blog post is just for you.

Below I have listed more than 20 business listing sites where you can add your business for FREE.

Where can I post or add my business for FREE

Google My Business

64% of consumers access any online business using Google My Business Profile which is a huge number.

If you want to list your business or website on the listing website, then Google My Business is the best option for you.

If you list your business on Google My Business, then whenever a local person searches a query related to your business, the listing of your business will appear on the first page and they may contact you.

People can easily find your business and the biggest thing is that it is absolutely free to list the company on Google My Business.

Binge Place

The market share of the Bing search engine is 2.5% which is a good number, Bing search engine is set by default on Windows devices.

You can easily list your business or website on Bing Place and promote your business to more people.

Bing is the most widely used search engine in the United States. You can add your website on Bing Place for free and increase your presence online.


Started in 2004, Yelp is an online directory for searching local businesses on which you can easily list your website.

All types of businesses are available on the Yelp website according to their location, delivery service, price range, etc.

Yelp gets about 178 million unique visitors every month, which is a huge number, so you can get an idea of ​​its reach.

If you want to list your business on the online directory website for free, then Yelp is a good option for you.


Facebook has 2.93 billion active users and is one of the largest social media platforms.

The Facebook company has changed its name to Meta, which means that earlier Facebook used to own Instagram and WhatsApp, now it is not so, and now Meta operates all these three.

Well, you can create your company’s Facebook page, on which you can give all the information related to your company like location, contact details, website link, etc.

There is no charge to create a business page on Facebook, you can add your business to the Facebook page for free.

You can also advertise your company or business on Facebook using their Advertisement campaign.


There are more than 2.6 billion monthly users on YouTube, and more people love to watch videos.

You can create a YouTube channel related to your business and make people aware through videos. This is one of the good options for listing your business on the internet.

Anyway, if your video content & thumbnail is better then YouTube will send a lot of traffic to your video.


Although LinkedIn is a professional network website, you can use it to list your business and reach more people.

There are mainly people on LinkedIn who work in a company and such people also keep looking for products and services for their solutions.

If your business works in the B2B model, you can get the maximum benefit from LinkedIn.

You can create a LinkedIn page of your company and publish all the information related to your company on it.


ShowMeLocal is a business listing website on which you can list your business and people also search a lot about the business on it.

There are over 22 million business listings on ShowMeLocal which is a huge number. Here you can list your business for free.


Hotfrog is a business listing website with 69 million businesses listed on it. This is one of the best business directories in the United States.

You can also list your business on Hotfrog and promote your business locally. On this, you can showcase all the information related to your business.


Manta is a business listing website on which most small businesses post their business information & reaches a wider range of potential customers.

If you are looking for a free business listing website then you can list your business on Manta and increase awareness of your business.


Glassdoor is a review website on which companies’ employees write reviews about their company, a good review can increase your company’s reputation.

There are millions of companies registered on Glassdoor, if you want to list your website on Glassdoor, first of your company’s employees will have to post reviews on it about your company.

Apple Maps

There are millions of users using Apple products and the company is present in more than 200 countries, so you must list your business on Apple Maps.

You can list important information related to your business like location, phone number, address, etc. on Apple Map for free, which will increase the online presence of your business even more.


Earlier Foursquare was a social platform but now it has turned into a location data provider.

You can list your business location on Foursquare and it will help you to reach your business to the people.


There is still more than 25 million of traffic per month on Yellowpages.com & with thousands of businesses listed on this platform.

You can also post your business on elopeges.com and promote your business to thousands of people at no money cost.


BizJournal publishes local business news based on 44 markets in the United States. It keeps data on different types of business in its directory.

You can also register your business on BizJournal and promote your business to thousands of people.


Whitepages has huge business data, about 5 billion records are present in their database and it also provides an API features from which businesses can create their own software.

You can list your business on white pages and promote your business to thousands of people.

By listing your business on all the business listing sites mentioned above, your business will reach more people, along with this you will also get free backlinks for your website.

We hope that after reading this blog post, you must have easily found the answer to your question Where can I Post my Business for FREE.

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So what are you waiting for start posting your business or services on above mentioned free business listing sites.