What do you need to create a website from Scratch: 7 Quick Steps [2022]

97% of people use online search to find the nearest local business.

In 2022, 301 million American uses the Internet.

There are about 5 billion internet users all over the world, so you can understand why you need a website to make your business profitable.

If you want to transform your business according to today’s time and want to be ahead of the competition, then it is very important for your business to have a website.

If you want to know what you need to build or create a website from scratch, then read this blog completely.

What do you need to create a website: 7 Quick Steps

Let’s know what are the requirements to kickstart your own website. if you are a beginner in this field then you can also create a simple website for your business.

Domain name

If you want to start your website, first of all, you have to buy a domain name which will be the name of your website and the URL of your website with the same domain name.

While buying a domain name, keep in mind that the name of the domain should be your business name or related to that, this gives a good propagation of the brand name in front of your customers.

While registering your domain name doesn’t do the following things.

  • Do not use the wrong spelling
  • Do not buy long-character domain names
  • Do not use a special character in the domain name 

Let’s know the steps about how you can buy a domain name:

1) First go to the hostinger.com and check the availability of your domain name

2) If the domain is available then register it: While registering the domain name, you also have to choose one of the following extensions.

.com: It is used at the international level and is the most popular.

 .co: Companies use it.

.net: Network provider company uses it.

.org: This domain extension is used by organizations.

.biz: All the businesses are preferred to take this extension.

.edu: Education website uses this domain extension.

.gov: Government uses such domain extensions.

3) Now buy your domain name: When buying a domain name pay attention to its renewal period.

Choose a web hosting company

After buying a domain name, you have to buy web hosting because your website will not appear on the Internet without hosting it on the server. By purchasing hosting, there you can upload all the files of your website so that people can access it.

You can also register hosting from the company from which you have registered a domain name and this is a very easy process.

So let us now know what are the benefits of buying hosting that you can leverage to create your website and grow your business.

Storage Space: Web hosting servers have the facility to store the website file so that users can access it through the internet.

Database: According to your website, there is a database on the web hosting server which stores all the information of your website in a structured format such as the data of the customers, their location, etc.

Website Template: There are many templates to create a website that reduces the time of website development, you will get this from your hosting provider.

Email Account: Hosting providers also provide email accounts where you can create your professional email and use it with ease.

Plugins: Plugins are used to put extra features on the website which you can get from your hosting provider for free.

Website Development Tool: There are many such website developments tool using which you can create your website easily.

Backup: Backup of the website is very essential, sometimes in your website may occur an error in that scenario you may need a backup file.

How to choose the best hosting provider

Choosing a hosting provider is one of the most important steps in the website creation process, so before choosing it, you have to keep some important things in mind, which I have mentioned below.

How much storage is available: First you have to determine how much storage you need, then according to that you have to see how much storage the hosting provider is giving you.

How much bandwidth you will get: Bandwidth depends on how many visitors can come to your website in a day, the more visitors, the more bandwidth your website will need, so do not forget to check it.

Is there 24/7 customer support: Before buying any hosting, you must check whether there is any customer support available, because hosting may encounter many such errors or problems that you may not fix it without customer support.

What is a payment cycle: Before buying hosting, find out about the payment cycle which may be in weekly, monthly, or annual formats.

What CMS they offer: The best CMS in today’s time is WordPress, which is used by most bloggers in the world, so you must also find out about it.

How easy to use interface is: If the interface of a hosting website is easy, then you can use it very comfortably, so check the interface of the hosting provider as well.

Set up an email address

Once you have purchased the domain name, you should also create a professional email id for your business, this makes many of your tasks easier, and your branding becomes much stronger.

Like my website name is digital5k.com, accordingly, I have also set up an email address named [email protected], you can also do the same using your domain name.

Although it costs money to set up a professional email address, if you buy hosting and domain from hostinger.com, then you can create a professional email for free.

Implement CMS

Now that you have purchased the domain name and hosting, now you need to install the CMS (Content Management System) which will make your website design and development process much easier.

WordPress is one of the best CMS so I would recommend you to start with WordPress. 

WordPress provides the following benefits:

  • Easy for content Publishing
  • Fast website designing
  • Quick content update
  • It is user-friendly
  • Offers a variety of plugins for free
  • Also offers a variety of themes
  • The website optimization process is easy
  • Free to use

Because WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS, hackers keep attacking it, but if you use HTTPS protocol on your website, then you do not need to worry.

Apart from WordPress, there are many other CMS that you can use which are Wix, Drupal, Squarespace, and Joomla but out of all these, WordPress is the best to start with.

Build your website

Once you have set up the domain name, hosting, and email address, it is time to create a website. You have two methods to create a website:

  • Make by yourself
  • Get it done by a professional

If you have installed WordPress on your hosting then you can easily create a simple website by yourself but if you want to create a dynamic and slightly complex website then you can give this work to a professional.

Whatever your business is, let’s say if you have a big eCommerce business and you think that more people can come to your website, here may need complex work to create, then definitely hire a professional.

If your website will be static, like it will have only text content, and if there will be no update of the website again & again, then you can also create a website by installing the theme on your website.

Also keep in mind that while creating a website, make two versions of it, one for laptop and the other for mobile device, your website must be mobile-friendly.

Create content

Now that your website is completely ready, now it is time to create content because without quality content a website is just a web structure.

If you do not have quality content on your website, then visitors will come to your website once but it is not guaranteed that they will visit your website again. you can use the following content format to create quality content.

  • Text
  • Image
  • Video
  • gif

Content Optimization Tip: 

  • keep headings clear
  • Keep paragraphs short and easy to read
  • Put the most important information first

Once you have created the content on the website, then it is also important to keep updating it. If you have used WordPress to make it then it will be very easy to manage but if your website is created by a professional developer using HTML then you will have to make a separate CMS manage your content.

launch your website

Now your website is completely ready, after that, it is your turn to launch the website, but before successfully launching the website, make sure that everything is in its right place.

After launching the website, do the following things

Submit Sitemap in GSC: GSC (Google Search Console) is a product of Google, which keeps complete information about the website such as which keyword the website is ranked, how many clicks are there, how many impressions etc.

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After reading this blog completely, you must have understood what do you need to make or create a WordPress website, so without delay start your website development process now.