How to Start a Trucking Company in Canada


Make a plan

You cannot start any business without a plan, you must have a plan for your trucking business.

1) Define your niche

3) Decide the ownership

2) Make a business plan


Business name

Once you have your trucking business plan in place, it is important to think of your business name.


Register  business

Now that you have named your business, it is time to register the business. You must register your business name with the Canadian government.


Apply for Permit & License

1) motor carrier safety fitness certificate regulations

2) International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

3) Carrier insurance

4) Canadian ELD and Hours of Service rules

How much cash do you need to start a trucking company?

If you want to start a trucking business in Canada then you can start by investing $50,000.

How much do truck owners make per month?

According to a report, the owner of a truck company in Canada earns on an average $125,875 per year i.e. earns about $10,489 per month.

Experience needed to start a trucking company?

If you already have 2 years of experience as a truck driver and owner operator then you can start a trucking company easily.