Best Way to Drive Traffic to Your new website for FREE: 9 Ways [2022]

In today’s time, it is not easy to bring organic traffic to the website as SEO is getting much harder day by day, if you are not getting traffic to your website or your website is new and you want to know the Best Way to drive traffic to the new website for FREE, then read this blog post completely.

Best Way to Drive Traffic to Your new website for FREE?

Let’s know 9 such FREE methods using which you can easily increase the traffic of your website.

Do Content Marketing

In content marketing, you advertise your best content in an organic way, which increases the reach of your content to your customers.

If you want to increase the traffic of your website or blog for free, then you must also use a content marketing strategy.

Content marketing strategies use content such as YouTube videos, pdfs, podcasts, infographics, and blog posts.

You can publish all those content on different platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, along with this you can use SEO to rank your blog posts.

Do Keyword Research Properly

If you want to drive traffic to your new website, then it is important that your website and blog posts contain the necessary keywords, which have a high search volume.

Don’t practice the keyword stuffing in the entire website or blog, instead, you have to put all those keywords naturally in the content so that your blog ranks on those keywords and the amount of traffic on your website can increase.

If you want how to find keywords, then for that you have to do a keyword research process for which you can use Semrush and Ahref tools.

Use Social Media

In today’s time, almost everyone uses social media, which is a great opportunity for you. You can increase traffic to your new website by using social media as a medium of traffic source.

Social Media to increase traffic

But keep in mind that people like to go for entertainment more on social media and for that you will have to engage them with better content.

First of all, give value to your user, only then they will come to your website and when any visitor comes to your website, they should not feel that they are being sold something.

With this, you can also join the  Facebook groups and help people by sharing videos, infographics, blogs/articles, product reviews, etc.

Use a link-building Strategy

If you want to rank your content using SEO then link building strategy is very important for your website.

In link building, the link of your website is to someone else’s website, due to which Google’s algorithm slightly increases the authority of your website and it becomes easier to rank your website in Google.

You can use both free and paid methods to do link building.

Free Method: In this, you can write emails to bloggers for guest blogging and get the link by guest blogging on their website.

Paid Method: You can put the link of your website on the big website by paying money, but it is important that their website and your website should be in a similar niche.

Make Good use of Email Marketing

Do you know that by using email marketing, you can easily increase the number of visitors to your website?

Email marketing is one of the best digital marketing methods to increase website visitors but first, you have to give value to your users only then they will come to your website.

In the email newsletter, you have to write such a subject line, after reading it, your user wants to click on it, and put a clear CTA inside the body of your email so that they can click to land on your website.

Provide a free guide

If you want to increase traffic on your website, then you can give a guide to the user in pdf format for free. the user may share that guide with other people so that you can drive more people to your website with no marketing cost.

You can offer How-to’s the guide which provides value to the user, you don’t need to invest a lot in it. But remember that you will have to create valuable content for your users so that they can stay longer with your community.

Use Quora and Medium Strategically

Do you know that there are millions of users on Quora and who are constantly in search of information, which is a big opportunity for you.

You can write a lot of articles on Quora and Medium websites and bring visitors to your website.

There are many such questions on Quora, which you can answer in the form of a blog, as soon as you start giving more and more answers, people will start following you and will also come to your website.

Utilize YouTube

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google, millions of hours of videos are watched by people every day on YouTube, which is a good opportunity for you too.

You can solve the problems of people on YouTube in the video format and you can give a link to your blog in the description.

On YouTube, you can use the Web Mention tactic, in which you can tell the user, specific keywords to search on google so that they can land your website to solve their queries.

By using the above-mentioned methods, you can easily drive traffic to the website for free.

Optimize Google My Business Page

Do you know that after optimizing the Google My Business page properly, it can send 6 times more traffic to your website if compared without optimization, You must also take advantage of it.

You can drive traffic to your website from Google My Business for free, along with you can also give complete information about your products and services on Google My Business so that users can clearly know your business.

Also, try that your customers or visitors give reviews on Google My Business, this increases your brand value in the eyes of the people.

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If you really want to drive traffic to your website for free, then you will have to use all the best ways we have discussed above and you will definitely see the result.

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