Top 41+ Best SaaS Companies in India 2022 (Updated)

The SaaS business model is currently seeing a rapid boost because of digital transformation and cloud computing. In addition to many other nations, India is home to thousands of SaaS businesses.

If you want to know which are the top SaaS companies in India in 2022, then you have come to the right place.

Despite the fact that there are more than 8000 SaaS companies in India, I’ll list the top 41 in this blog post.

According to a Statista analysis, India’s SaaS business produced $8.2 billion in sales in 2021, and this amount is anticipated to rise to $116 billion by 2026.

I’ve done my research and compiled a list of the top 41 best SaaS startups in India below.

Top 41 Best SaaS Companies in India 2022

Small and large businesses alike gain from the work of companies that offer Software as a Service (SaaS) services. Before getting the names of the top SaaS providers in India, let’s understand the terms “SaaS service” and “SaaS product working” first.

What is a SaaS-based service?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a method for delivering applications via the Internet as a pay-per-use service. In this case, you don’t need to worry about the software and hardware because a third-party company will take care of that for you.

SaaS companies in india

SaaS applications go by various names, including web-based, on-demand, or hosted software. The main benefit is that the service provider handles the application’s security, availability, and performance.

SaaS apps include Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps.

How does SaaS service work?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a business model that eliminates the need to create a system from scratch.

You can obtain whatever service you desire from a SaaS provider and pay for it based on how much you use it.

If you wish to use an online video editing service, you can visit the Filmora website, use their video editing software, and pay for it.

41 Best SaaS companies List in India?

Here is a list of the top SaaS startups and companies in India.

1. SolarWinds

The SaaS-based IT management platform SolarWinds offers solutions for database administration, observability, IT service management, and application performance.

Founded 1999
Revenue$880 Million
Employees 2,147
Headquarters  Austin, TX

They interact often with IT service and operations specialists, DevOps and SecOps experts, and database administrators (DBAs) to learn about the difficulties they encounter in sustaining high-performing and highly available IT environments, applications, and infrastructures.

2. Zoho

Zoho is India’s largest SaaS-based multinational technology company. It was founded by Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas in 1996.

Founded 1996
Revenue$690 Million
Employees 12,000
Headquarters  Chennai, India

Numerous services are offered by Zoho, including Zoho CRM, mobile application development, a client site for collaboration, time tracking for projects, inventory management, etc.

The headquarters of Zoho is in Chennai, India. By 2021, it had 12 offices working in nine different nations.

They have introduced more than 50 products to the market in the last 25 years. However, the R&D advantage that fuels this innovation is the outcome of deliberate choice rather than random chance.

3. Qubole

Qubole is a secure data lake platform with SaaS capabilities for ad-hoc analytics, streaming, and machine learning. In 2011, Ashish Thusoo and Joydeep Sen Sarma founded the company.

Founded 2011
Revenue$323 Million
Employees 350+
Headquarters  Santa Clara, California

With almost little administration, Qubole’s Platform offers end-to-end data lake services such as cloud infrastructure management, data management, continuous data engineering, analytics, and machine learning.

Leading companies like Expedia, Disney, Oracle, and Adobe rely on Qubole to foster innovation and modernize their operations for the big data era.

4. Kayako 

Kayako is a SaaS-based customer service software company, it builds customer service and helps desk software that businesses use to talk to and support their customers.

Founded 2001
Revenue$162 Million
Employees 100+
Headquarters  London, United Kingdom

Kayako assists high-growth businesses in providing simple customer service experiences, whether they are startups, Fortune 100 firms, charities, or governments.

More than 131,000 customers worldwide use the Kayoko service to provide simple, dependable, and seamless interactions with each client.

5. Freshworks

With the help of Freshworks, businesses can quickly and easily please both their clients and staff. Girish Mathrubootham founded the company in 2010, in Chennai, India.

Founded 2010
Revenue$121.43 Million
Employees 4000+
Headquarters  San Mateo, CA

Requests are converted into tickets by Freshworks, which also unifies ticket resolution across platforms, including email, web, phone, chat, and social media.

Freshworks creates technology that works for everyone, making it simple for IT, customer care, sales, marketers, and HR to perform their duties and delight their customers.

To improve customer and employee experiences (CX, CRM), more than 50,000 businesses use Freshworks’ SaaS. (ITSM, HRSM).


Byju’s is a SaaS-based Indian multinational educational technology company, headquartered in Bangalore. Byju Raveendran and Divya Gokulnath established the company in 2011.  

Founded 2011
Revenue$1.3 Billion
Employees 38,480
Headquarters  Bengaluru, Karnataka

BYJU now has a global presence in more than 100 nations. They bring the future of education to the present through technologically enabled, personalized, and interesting learning journeys as the go-to learning partner of more than 150 million students.

The business joined Simplilearn, Unacademy, upGrad, PrepInsta Prime, and Vedantu in forming the India EdTech Consortium in January 2022.

It provides instructional materials for pupils in grades 4 through 12, and in 2019 an early learning program for classes 1 through 3 as well as IIT-JEE, NEET, CAT, and IAS testing has begun.

7. Unbxd

Unbxd is an AI-powered SaaS platform for product discovery. It elevates and simplifies the online buying experience for customers, is quick and simple to install, and is transparent in its understanding.

Founded 2011
Revenue$135 Million
Employees 120
Headquarters  San Mateo, California

Unbxd wants to make sure that customers can find the things they are looking for on eCommerce websites and never end up being dissatisfied.

They assist eCommerce brands of all sizes to optimize user interactions with their websites, increase conversions, and subsequently raise their sales volume. They do this by incorporating innovation, accuracy, and better relevance.

8. Chargebee

Chargebee is a SaaS platform that creates billing and subscription software. They support some of the world’s SaaS and subscription-based businesses that are expanding the quickest.

Founded 2011
Revenue$115 Million
Employees 1,355
Headquarters  Lemon Avenue, San Francisco

This business was founded in 2011 by Thiyagarajan Thiyagu, Rajaraman Santhanam, KP Saravanan, and Krish Subramanian.

Worldwide, SaaS, eCommerce subscription, and membership services of all sizes rely on Chargebee as their reliable billing partner.

9. Nextiva 

Businesses can help their clients feel more connected to them by using Nextiva, a firm that offers voice-over-internet protocol services. uses collaboration, SMS, chat, phone, video, surveys, and video to incorporate into its communication with organizations.

Founded 2006
Revenue$200 Million
Employees 700+
Headquarters  Scottsdale, AZ

They specifically created user-friendly software for businesspeople. With over 2 billion conversations and over 6 billion talk minutes supported each year, Nextiva stands out for its Amazing Service® and unrivaled dependability.

10. Parallels

Parallels are the SaaS-enabled hardware virtualization platform for Macintosh computers with Intel processors. Ilya Zubarev started the company in 1999.

Founded 1999
Revenue$100 Million
Employees 800+
Headquarters  Bellevue, Washington, United States

It was the first piece of software to make widespread virtualization available on Macintosh computers built on the Apple-Intel architecture.

A hardware virtualization program called Parallels Desktop for Mac uses hypervisor technology to directly translate the hardware resources of the host computer to those of the virtual machine.

11. Capillary Technologies

A technology-first business, Capillary Technologies offers cloud-native SaaS products and services based on AI, including automated loyalty management and a customer data platform.

Capillary Technologies
Founded 2012
Revenue$84 Million
Employees 500+
Headquarters  Singapore

They offer services to over 250 brands in more than 30 nations. Retailers, supermarkets, conglomerates, CPG companies, energy companies, manufacturers of electronics, pharmacies, and wellness centers, as well as companies involved in fine dining, quick service restaurants (QSR), luxury and jewelry, entertainment, travel, and hospitality, are among its clients.

On the basis of our loyalty management skills (in 2020), they are the market leader in the Asia-Pacific area with a 39% market share.

12. Exotel

Exotel is a SaaS-based cloud telephony platform that supports businesses, startups, and small and medium-sized companies in India and Southeast Asia in their communication needs.

Founded 2011
Revenue$50 Million
Employees 200
Headquarters  Bangalore, India

In 2011, Shivakumar Ganesan, Ishwar Sridharan, and Siddharth Ramesh founded Exotel.

It offered a range of solutions, including call recording software, virtual numbers, IVR, SMS, call masking, lead assistance, and other cloud telephony-related services.

In order for IT teams and developers to create third-party applications for organizations, they also offer API.

13. FourKites

FourKites is the SaaS-enabled end-to-end supply chain visibility platform helps companies transform their supply chain with real-time visibility.

Founded 2014
Revenue$48.5 Million
Employees 630+
Headquarters  Chicago, Illinois

Over 1,100 of the most recognizable brands in the world, including 18 of the top 20 food and beverage companies and 9 of the top 10 CPG firms, rely on FourKites to digitize their supply chains for improved sustainability, agility, and efficiency.

They handle more than 2.8 million shipments daily for their enormous customer base. Its extensive network links over 200 countries and territories via road, rail, ocean, and air, with over 420,000 carriers handling 98% of all ocean business.

14. Hotelogix

Hotelogix is a cloud-based property management system that aids hoteliers in achieving effective operations, broadening their market reach, raising occupancy levels, and increasing profitability while also providing the ideal approach to delivering top-notch guest experiences.

Founded 2008
Revenue$25 Million
Employees 180+
Headquarters  Noida, Uttar Pradesh

10,000+ hospitality enterprises, including hotels, hotel groups, chains, big and enterprise resorts, boutique hotels, etc., are powered by Hotelogix PTE’s global client base, which spans more than 100 countries.

Providing cloud-based hospitality solutions, Hotelogix is currently one of the top global leaders in the hospitality technology industry.

15. Leadsquared 

Leadsquared is a SaaS platform that offers a sales tech stack, including sales execution, digital onboarding, and marketing + process + field force automation.

Founded 2011
Revenue$25.6 Million
Employees 1200+
Headquarters  Bengaluru, India

They are solely concerned with minimizing the amount of time sales representatives spend on administrative duties that don’t directly involve dealing with clients. They accomplish this through hyper-automation, customer journey design, and regimentation.

Instead of retaining features at the core of the program, LeadSquared was designed to utilize a vertical-centric, use-case-first strategy.

16. Agile CRM

Agile CRM is a customer relationship management application built on the SaaS model that is primarily targeted at small enterprises. Manohar Chapalamadugu began it in 2013.

Agile CRM
Founded 2013
Revenue$23.9 Million
Employees 290+
Headquarters  Dallas, Texas

Integrating sales, service, marketing, social media, and other engagement channels for reports and analytics is its primary goal.

The following services are offered by Agile CRM:

  • Contact management
  • Project management
  • Schedule appointments
  • Deals
  • Telephony
  • Social CRM
  • Landing page builder

Its free edition is just that—free. The free level can be installed for up to 10 people without requiring a payment card.

17. WebEngage

WebEngage is a marketing automation and data platform built on SaaS that aims to improve user engagement and retention. Avlesh Singh and Ankit Utreja started this company in 2011.

Founded 2011
Revenue$19.5 Million
Employees 250+
Headquarters  Mumbai, Maharashtra

Thousands of brands all over the world rely on WebEngage to drive user engagement. It works in a variety of sectors, including E-Commerce, Edtech, Fintech, Foodtech, Media & Publications, Gaming, BFSI, Healthcare, and Online Retail.

Making marketing more genuine was their initial goal. In order to foster user engagement that feels authentic and like speaking to a friend, they intended to give brands the tools they needed to bring the human factor back into their marketing.

18. Facilio 

Facilio is a SaaS-based management software platform that uses machine learning and IoT to support remote administration of building operations, maintenance, and sustainability.

Founded 2017
Revenue$34.5 Million
Employees 100+
Headquarters  Chennai, Tamilnadu

IoT is used by Facilio to link and integrate your employees, systems, and equipment across numerous facilities. Facilio was created to be a socially responsible product that promotes low carbon emissions, improves green energy technologies, and instills sustainability into daily life.

Facilio contributes to the continued sustainability of the built environment by enabling people and machines to operate at their peak efficiency.

19. Talview

Talview is a software as a service (SaaS) platform that provides a complete, AI-powered hiring and proctoring solution that streamlines how businesses screen, interview, and evaluate top talent.

Founded 2017
Revenue$30.1 Million
Employees 200+
Headquarters  San Mateo, CA

Sanjoe Tom Jose is the founder and CEO of Talview as well as a well-known thought leader in the HR technology sector.

They are committed to giving businesses the digital tools they need to make quicker, more informed decisions about hiring and credentialing as well as the rest of the talent lifecycle.

Their AI-powered Measurement Platform eliminates prejudice through insightful insights, enabling data-driven decisions, and ensuring that everyone has an equal chance.

20. HackerRank

The SaaS-based IT company HackerRank specializes in programming competitions for both individuals and organizations. By creating programs that adhere to certain criteria, developers compete.

hacker rank
Founded 2012
Revenue$19.6 Million
Employees 1448
Headquarters  California, The US

HackerRank divides the majority of its programming problems into several fundamental areas of computer science, including artificial intelligence, mathematics, and database administration.

A subscription service called HackerRank for Work, their enterprise-side offering, promises to assist businesses in finding, vetting, and hiring engineers and other technical positions.

21. VWO

VWO, often known as Visual Website Optimizer, is a SaaS-based tool for improving conversion rates. Paras Chopra founded VWO in 2009.

Founded 2009
Revenue$18 Million
Employees 100+
Headquarters  New Delhi, India

Analyzing user behavior and web analytics aids businesses in increasing conversions and therefore sales.

Below are just a few of the services that VWO offers:

  • Session recording 
  • Cart abandonment 
  • Mobile app testing 
  • Push notifications 
  • Server-side testing 
  • Webform analytics 
  • On-page surveys
  • Visitor segmentation
  • Real-time tracking
  • User journeys
  • Facebook messenger
  • Usability reviews
  • Split URL testing
  • Heatmaps

It brings together all of your conversion rate optimization solutions in one location to accurately improve outcomes.

22. Whatfix

Whatfix is a SaaS-based platform that offers app advice and performance support for software and web applications. In 2014, Vara Kumar and Khadim Batti launched the company.

Founded 2014
Revenue$17.4 Million
Employees 900+
Headquarters  San Jose, California, and Bengaluru, India

Companies can design interactive walkthroughs that are integrated into online apps with the aid of Whatfix. They have more than 500 customers and 900 staff worldwide.

Whatfix’s platform provides product adoption, user onboarding, employee training, self-service assistance, and performance support for enterprises using corporate web applications.

Platforms like Salesforce, SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle Cloud, Workday, SharePoint, Apttus, etc. are where Whatfix is most frequently utilized.

23. Hippo Video 

Hippo Video is a personalized video distribution platform with a SaaS foundation that makes it simple for businesses to produce customized movies and distribute them through a variety of channels.

hippo video
Founded 2016
Revenue$16 Million
Employees 100+
Headquarters  Newark, Delaware

Since its debut, Hippo Video has gained more than 1.5 million users from all over the world and has consistently dominated the video market in all categories.

You may train reps and make introductions to prospects using their platform. You can also develop custom demos.

24. Kloud Connectors

A SaaS-enabled cloud integration tool called Kloud Connectors connects corporate operations in the cloud. In 2011, Vinay Joshi launched the business.

Kloud Connectors
Founded 2011
Revenue$6 Million
Employees 100+
Headquarters  Australia

They are making it a little bit simpler for users to use cloud-based applications. You have so much freedom in the clouds. Freedom from contracts, maintenance, viruses, and downloads.

When you go shopping for various Cloud apps or products, you don’t have to worry about integration because you have Kloud Connectors in your pocket. It doesn’t matter if it’s CRM, accounting, email marketing, e-commerce, or anything else. They have your back.

25. ProfitBooks 

ProfitBooks is an intuitive SaaS-based accounting program made specifically for business owners. In 2011, Harshal Katre established the business.

Founded 2011
Revenue$1.1 Million
Employees 50+
Headquarters  Pune, Maharashtra

Their team of expert accountants will help you with accounting & tax filing. All you have to do is to send your bank statement, invoices & expense bills to them and your dedicated bookkeeper will do the rest.

You may manage taxes and log income, expenses, and diary entries. Estimates and quotes can be made, then transformed into invoices.

26. Paperflite

Paperflite is a SaaS-enabled mobile-first sales management platform. It assists in curating content from marketing and provides your sales teams with the most relevant assets in real time so they can make the best possible pitch to potential customers.

Founded 2016
Revenue$7.8 Million
Employees 50+
Headquarters  East Coast, Southern US

All of your sales collateral, playbooks, marketing materials, and content that your teams need and utilize every day from many sources are brought together in one simple, intuitive interface by Paperflite’s dynamic content hub.

Using the SmartSearch algorithm, which combines the finest of our special indexing techniques, user behavioral patterns, and proprietary AI technology, Paperflite detects the intent of your sales rep and presents the appropriate content at the appropriate moment for the appropriate context.

27. VTION 

VTION is a SaaS-based platform for digital consumer behavior intelligence that collects its own data from a paid, GDPR-compliant, opt-in panel on a zero-party basis.

Founded 2016
Revenue$5 Million
Employees 10+
Headquarters  Gurgaon, Haryana

They have established a panel of 40,000 Indian consumers, who collectively account for about 300 million Indians.

VTION assists brands and companies with obtaining precise insights on app usage, content consumption, personalization opportunities, and the activation of particular audience segments on ad networks via DMPs.

28. InVideo

InVideo is SaaS enabled video creation platform, With InVideo, everyone can create great-looking pro videos that engage better, deliver more leads and save time. 

Founded 2017
Revenue$5 Million
Employees 222
Headquarters  San Francisco, California

You may easily, quickly, and effectively produce movies with the help of their collection of more than 5000 templates, transitions, and effects. No download is necessary.

29. TroopMessenger

TroopMessenger is a SaaS-based office chat solution that ensures complete security for all of your office communications. Give your company adequate room to expand. Make it available wherever, anytime.

Founded 2017
Revenue$5 Million
Employees 50
Headquarters  Hyderabad, Telangana

 Troop Messenger is a chat program for corporate communications on an enterprise level. It promotes individual and group communication and is secure enough to share sensitive corporate information.

30. HappyFox

HappyFox is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) support platform. They offer an enterprise-grade help desk ticketing system and intuitively designed live chat software.

Founded 2011
Revenue$9.3 Million
Employees 68
Headquarters  Irvine, California

They provide services to more than 12,000 businesses in more than 70 nations. Companies in the fields of education, media, e-commerce, retail, information technology, manufacturing, non-profit, government, and numerous more verticals with internal or external support functions use HappyFox.

31. CustomerLabs

CustomerLabs is a marketing data tracking tool with SaaS capabilities. Without creating a line of code, you can sync and track your consumer data across marketing tools.

Founded 2013
Revenue$5 Million
Employees 26
Headquarters  Willington, New Castle

CustomerLabs will be your digital wingman, guiding you through all your marketing challenges with actionable data, from reaching your first million in ARR to landing billion-dollar sales.

32. Ziplr

Ziplr is a SaaS-based platform for web branding applications. It offers business-grade solutions for truncating URLs, branding your domain, and compiling statistics from all channels, including emails, websites, social media, SMS, etc.

Founded 2015
Revenue$4.5 Million
Employees 50+
Headquarters  Bhubaneswar, Orissa

It addresses one of the core problems in online branding and referral traffic analysis by providing you with concise information, tracking all referral data, and merging data from all digital marketing channels to assist you in making an immediate decision.

33. IBSFINtech 

IBSFINtech is a SaaS-based TreasuryTech company that offers complete digitization & automation solutions for the corporate functions of cash & liquidity, treasury, risk, and trade finance.

Founded 2006
Revenue$1.2 Million
Employees 100+
Headquarters  Bangalore, Karnataka

having more than 50 marquee corporations in the country who have chosen their platform for leveraging the benefits of digitization of their corporate finance functions. They currently have 15+ implementations undergoing currently. 

Their illustrious clientele includes the Vedanta Group, Mahindra, Sai Life Sciences Ltd, Bluestar Ltd, Polycab Ltd, Future Group, etc., and is spread across several industries and regions.

34. KlentySoft Inc

KlentySoft is a SaaS-based sales engagement platform that reduces friction and aids in the development of lasting relationships with prospects.

Founded 2015
Revenue$1 Million
Employees 80+
Headquarters  San Francisco

Each salesperson embarks on a hero’s journey toward mastery and progress, which gives their profession significance and enjoyment.

They have more than 80 team members and 5000 clients in 45 different nations.

35. EngageBay 

EngageBay is an all-in-one marketing, sales, support, and CRM solution with SaaS capabilities. Businesses may use marketing tools on the cloud-based platform to develop relationships with clients and keep them for life.

Founded 2018
Revenue$1.6 Million
Employees 50
Headquarters  San Wilmington, Delaware

Businesses may leverage EngageBay’s Zapier and Xero interface to link the platform with a variety of third-party programs, including Salesforce, Intercom, MailChimp, Hubspot, and more.

36. SocialAppsHQ 

SocialAppsHQ is an All-in-One Social Marketing Platform that allows business owners to grow their brands. They have assisted thousands of companies, like AARP, RedBus, Vin Diesel, Cadbury Bournville, and WebMediaBrands, in operating their social media marketing initiatives.

Founded 2011
Revenue$1 Million
Employees 9
Headquarters  Las Vegas, Nevada

Many elements have been integrated into SocialAppsHQ to create effective social media marketing campaigns in the quickest possible time.

37. Plivo 

Plivo is a SaaS-based communications management platform that provides an easy, rapid, and scalable approach to modernizing customer communications. Businesses of all sizes, from expanding startups to publicly traded corporations, depend on Plivo to provide superior client experiences.

Founded 2011
Revenue$40 Million
Employees 270
Headquarters  Austin, Texas

Plivo’s enterprise-grade communications platform includes a premium carrier network with connections in more than 190 countries, an API platform for messaging and voice conversations, and solutions for sales and support teams.

38. BuildaBazaar

BuildaBazaar is India’s leading e-commerce platform. It offers a full range of e-commerce services, including technology, a catalog, shipping, marketing, and payment assistance.

Founded 2011
Revenue$27 Million
Employees 100+
Headquarters  Gandhinagar, Gujarat

From all types of retailers, the platform has gotten very positive feedback. More than 10,000 internet stores have opened since its start six months ago. Some of the biggest shops, like TheMobileStore, Vijay Sales, Crossword, VIP Bags, and Airtel, are now present on Buildabazaar.

39. WittyParrot

WittyParrot is a cloud-based SaaS company that focuses on facilitating efficient and reliable communication and content collaboration with insightful analytics among Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support operations.

Founded 2012
Revenue$5.9 Million
Employees 100+
Headquarters  CUPERTINO, CA

WittyParrot quickly offers the appropriate content for emails, presentations, RFPs, and SOWs and improves communication by making it efficient, dependable, quick, and easy.

40. Wingify

Wingify is an India-based, quickly expanding software company that creates highly regarded technological goods. The business was started in 2010 by Paras Chopra and Sparsh Gupta.

Founded 2010
Revenue$27.7 Million
Employees 289
Headquarters  Delhi

The VWO Experience Optimization Platform, their main product, is adored by thousands of companies and consumers in more than 90 countries, and among their clients are companies like Microsoft, Lenovo, Walt Disney, Target, eBay, and Ubisoft.

41. RankWatch

RankWatch is a cloud-based Internet Marketing Platform, which has Artificial Intelligence of its own. Sahil Kakkar started the company in 2013.

Founded 2013
Revenue$2.3 Million
Employees 100+
Headquarters  Gurgaon, Haryana

By measuring factors like rankings, backlinks, analytics, competitors, and other factors, they assist website owners and SEO agencies in identifying the key areas where a website is losing traffic and areas where it may gain traffic. This helps them generate more money.

It has been expanding significantly every year and presently holds a leading position in this market. More than 29,000 users now make up their clientele, which is expanding quickly.

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There are currently over 30,000 SaaS businesses operating globally that are transforming the market quickly in this day and age.

You must be aware of the best SaaS companies in India by this point. The number of SaaS businesses in India will rise even further in the future.

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Q: What is a SaaS-based service?

Ans: Software as a Service (SaaS) is a method for delivering applications via the Internet as a pay-per-use service. In this case, you don’t need to worry about the software and hardware because a third-party company will take care of that for you.

Q: How does SaaS service work?

Ans: Software as a service (SaaS) is a business model that eliminates the need to create a system from scratch.
In this, you can obtain whatever service you desire from a SaaS provider and pay for it based on how much you use it.
If you wish to use an online video editing service, you can visit the Filmora website, use their video editing software, and pay for the service.

Q: Top 10 SaaS companies in India?

Ans: Below you can see the list of the top 10 SaaS companies in India.
1) Zoho
2) Agile CRM
3) IBSFintech
4) Freshworks
6) Playtonia
7) Facilio
8) Hippo Video
9) KlentySoft Inc
10) Paperflite