Top 10 Best Paint Companies in India 2022 (Updated)

Today, India’s paint industry is worth more than Rs 62,000 crore ($8 billion) and is one of the world’s major paint economies.

There are more than 3000 paint manufacturers in India, but through this blog post, you will know about the top 10 paint companies in India.

I have included the best paint brands in India according to their revenue and made a list of the top ten colors or paint companies.

The need for the paint business has grown even more as a result of the extremely rapid rise of construction in India.

Domestic paint makes up 75% of the paint market, while industrial paint makes up 25%.

So without further ado, let’s learn about the top 10 paint companies in India in 2022.

Top 10 Best Paint Companies in India 2022

The list of leading paint manufacturers in India is provided below.

Sr No.Company NameRevenue
1Asian Paint₹29,000 crore
2Berger Paints India Ltd₹8,826 crore
3Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd₹5,793 crore
4Akzo Nobel India Ltd₹781 crore
5Indigo Paints Limited₹600 crore
6Nippon Paint Private Limited₹500 crore
7Shalimar Paints Ltd₹367 crore
8British Paints India Ltd.₹800 crore
9Sirca Paints India Ltd₹204 crore
10Snowcem Paints₹100 crore

1. Asian Paint

Asian Paint is the largest paint company in India. The company’s activities include the production, marketing, and distribution of paints, coatings, home décor goods, bathroom fixtures, and related services.

Asian Paints
Revenue ₹29,000 crore
Founded February 1, 1942
ROE (3Yrs) 27.33%
CAGR (3Yrs) 24%
Promoters holding 52.63%

Asian Paints is the third largest paint company in Asia. The business was founded by four friends, Champaklal Choksey, Chimanlal Choksi, Suryakant Dani, and Arvind Vakil, at a garage in Gaiwadi, Girgaon, Mumbai.

Asian Paints has 26 paint manufacturing plants worldwide and operates in 15 of them, serving customers in more than 60 nations.

In the fiscal year 2019–20, the company brought in 17,194.1 crores in sales and made 2,654 crores in profit.

2. Berger Paints India Ltd

Berger Paints India Ltd is the second largest multinational paint company in India. With its headquarters in Kolkata, Berger Paints India has 16 strategically positioned manufacturing facilities in India, 2 in Nepal, 1 in each of Poland and Russia, and approximately 162 stock locations.

Berger Paints India Ltd
Revenue ₹8,826 crore
Founded December 17, 1923
ROE (3Yrs) 24.17%
CAGR (3Yrs) 13.1%
Promoters holding 74.99%

With over 5,079 employees as of October 4, 2022, and a nationwide distribution network of more than 25,000 dealers, Berger is recognized as a sector game-changer because of its dynamic paint portfolio and customized client services in every paint segment.

It had just one factory when it first began as Hadfield’s (India) Limited in Howrah, West Bengal. By the end of 1947, British Paints (Holdings) Limited, UK had bought Hadfield’s and changed its name to British Paints (India) Limited.

3. Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd

The third-biggest decorative paint firm in India, Kansai Nerolac Paints Limited, is situated in Mumbai and is the country’s largest industrial paint manufacturer.

Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd
Revenue ₹5,793 crore
Founded 1920
ROE (3 Yrs) 11.7%
CAGR (5 Yrs) 9.46%
Promoters holding 74.99%

It is a division of the Japanese company Kansai Paint. With 15.4% of the market, it holds the third-largest share as of 2015 in the Indian paint business.

It works in the powder coating, automotive, and industrial industries. It creates and provides paint solutions utilized on the finishing lines of the furniture, bus bodies, electrical components, cycle, material handling equipment, and cycle industries.

4. Akzo Nobel India Ltd

Over the course of its more than 60-year presence in India, AkzoNobel India produces items that are necessary for daily living as well as inspiring.

Akzo Nobel India Ltd
Revenue ₹781.4 crore
Founded 1911
ROE (3 Yrs) 11.7%
CAGR (5 Yrs) 9.46%
Promoters holding 74.99%

For $15.8 billion, British Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) was purchased by AkzoNobel in 2008.

The corporate functions and three primary business divisions that makeup AkzoNobel are each given business responsibility and autonomy.

AkzoNobel was the most prosperous corporation in the world in 2008 thanks to huge profits from the sales of its pharmaceutical sector.

Numerous brand names, including Dulux, Alabastine, Bruguer, Tintas Coral, Hammerite, Herbol, Sico, Sikkens, International, Interpon, Casco, Nordsjö, Sadolin, Cuprinol, Taubmans, Lesonal, Levis, Glidden, Flood, Flexa, Flora, Vivexrom, Marshall, and Pinotex, are used by AkzoNobel to market their products.

5. Indigo Paints Limited

Indigo Paints Limited is one of the top 5 paint companies in India. The company has three manufacturing facilities, three of which are located in Jodhpur, Kochi, and Pudukkottai, and its headquarters are in Pune, Maharashtra.

Indigo paints Ltd
Revenue ₹600 crore
Founded 2000
ROE 13.9%
CAGR (5 Yrs) 48.8%
Promoters holding 54%

Manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of ornamental paints, emulsions, enamels, wood coatings, distemper, primers, putties, and cement paints are all activities carried out by Indigo Paints.

Hemant Jalan established Indigo Paints in 2000 to produce cement paint; By 2021, the business had grown to rank seventh in the decorative paint sector in terms of revenue.

It combined all of its several brands for various product categories into a single umbrella brand called “INDIGO” a few years ago. The brand and company were given a new logo that perfectly encapsulated its guiding principles.

6. Nippon Paint Private Limited

Japan-based Nippon Paint has more than 140 years of experience in the paint business. the top paint producer in Asia and one of the biggest paint producers worldwide.

nippon paints Ltd
Revenue ₹500 crore
Founded March 14, 1881
ROE -9.03 %
CAGR (5 Yrs) 5%
Promoters holding 70.39%

Nippon Paint manufactures premium paints and coatings for automotive, industrial, and decorative applications.

Japan’s first paint manufacturing company, Nippon Paint, was established in 1881 by brothers Haruta and Jujiro Moteki under the name “Komyosha.”

The business, as well as its subsidiaries, are present in countries such as Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Norway, Netherlands, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Bulgaria, Estonia, Italy, United States, Brazil, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, and Turkey.

7. Shalimar Paints Ltd

Shalimar Paints was established in 1902 as Shalimar Paints Color & Varnish Ltd by two British businessmen, AN Turner and AC Wright.

The first such facility in all of South East Asia was established by the business in the same year, at Howrah, West Bengal.

The Indian Army’s first fighter aircraft was painted by Shalimar.

Shalimar Paints Ltd
Revenue ₹367 crore
Founded 1902
ROE -19.32%
CAGR (3 Yrs) 8%
Promoters holding 39.92%

The company made numerous firsts in the industrial coatings market thanks to accessing to cutting-edge technology, including high-build zinc coatings, radiation-resistant coatings for nuclear power plants, polyurethane paint for fighter aircraft, and railway coaches, among others.

Shalimar became public in 1972, and the O.P. Jindal Group and the S.S. Jhunjhnuwala Group, based in Hong Kong, bought the business in 1989.

8. British Paints India Ltd.

British Paints India Ltd. It was founded in 1919 in London by James W. Adamson. After that in 1947, it was also started in India.

Revenue ₹800+ crore
Founded 1919

With its headquarters in New Delhi, the company serves more than 12000 channel partners, OEMs, and institutional accounts across the whole nation. A specialized network of 60 branch offices and 4 production facilities serve as a support for this.

The company has 100+ years of experience, 12k channel partners, 5k projects, and 60+ branch offices.

9. Sirca Paints India Ltd

January 19, 2006, saw the genesis of an idea when Sircolor Wood Coatings Private Limited was established. The journey ultimately takes place under the name Sirca Paints India Limited.

Sirca Paints India Ltd
Revenue ₹204.43 crore
Founded January 19, 2006
ROE 12.99 %
CAGR 40%
Promoters holding 67.55 %

Since then, a business that was founded with the rather straightforward business concept of importing PU products from Italy and Korea, repackaging them, and then selling them through our own dealer network has grown significantly. Currently, Sirca is proud to be a pioneer in wood coatings in northern India.

Sirca has more than 247 branches all over the world.

10. Snowcem Paints

India’s top producer of external cement-based masonry paint is Snowcem Paints. It was founded in Mumbai in 1969, launched various new goods by 2008, and has maintained its independence thanks to the steady growth of India’s construction industry and the introduction of new products.

Revenue ₹100 crore
Founded 1969

The Saurashtra Cement Limited of The Mehta Group has acquired the “Snowcem” brand.

The Mehta Group operates a variety of enterprises throughout the world in a number of industries, including consultancy, finance, engineering, horticulture, sports & entertainment, and cement.

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Q: Which is the No 1 paint in India?

Ans: Asian Paints Ltd With revenue of Rs 193.50 billion is the largest paint business in India.

Q: Which paint is best for house?

Ans: One of the best paint colors for houses is enamel. Because of the chemicals in enamel paint, it produces a durable, glossy, and opaque surface.

Q: Which is the best paint stock in India?

Ans: The top paint manufacturer in India is Asian Paints.