How to Check if Your Website is SEO optimized, 7 Easy Methods [2022]

In today’s time, the need for SEO has increased due to voice search, the AI revolution, and mobile-first indexing. If you are not able to understand whether the SEO of your website is done properly or not and you want to know how to check if your website is SEO optimized or not then this blog is just for you.

You will know about many such SEO checker and optimizer tools, using which you can easily check the SEO of your website or blog to improve the site’s ranking.

How do you tell to your clients of their website is SEO optimized or not? Dont worry we will resolve all your doubts in this post.

It is important for the marketers to keep boosting the ranking of the website, in this post, you will know about all those things by which you can check the SEO of your website and beat your competitors.

How to Check if Your Website is SEO optimized and Tools to Optimize

SEO has the 3 most important parts which are OnPage SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Technical SEO, so you have to check these three factors in order to optimize of website.

So let’s first know about the types of On-Page factors by which you can easily find out whether your website’s SEO is optimized or not.

Check Ranking Factor Using Keyword Phrases

If you want to know whether the SEO of your website is optimized or not, then you have to first pay attention to the keywords on your website. Make a list of keywords on which you wanted to rank your website or blog.

After making a list of keywords, now you will need the Semrush SEO tool where you can see on which keywords the different pages and blogs of your website are ranking, how much is the search volume, how much is the visibility factor, how much is the click and so on.

To analyze the keyword phrase, use the steps given below.

  • First, go to Semrush and Signup 
  • After that submit the URL of your website
  • Now, analyze your website 
SEMRUSH for checking website SEO

You can see many keywords on which your website is ranking. If your website is not ranking on all those keywords for which you have a list, then you have to put all those keywords in the right place in your website or blog.

Apart from this, you can also check the backlink of your website using Semrush and then improve it.

Check Website Load Time

According to a Google search, there is a 90% chance that the user will leave your website if the loading speed of your website is around 5 seconds, but there are many website owners who do not pay attention to optimizing the loading speed of their website and due to this the ranking of their website falls down.

Amazon said in a report that it can lose about $1.6 billion in a year just because of the slow loading of its website, so think about how important is the loading speed of your website.

You can use Google’s page insight feature for free to check the loading speed of your website. You have to go to page insight and enter the URL of your website there, after that the loading speed of your website will be visible.

Google Page inside for loading speed checking

If the loading speed of your website is less than 3 seconds then there is nothing to fear but if it is more than 3 seconds then you have to see the reasons in their report why your website is loading so slow.

Mainly the loading speed of the website becomes slow due to Images, Scripts, and Ajax files, then you should optimize it accordingly.

Check Technical Structure

If you have the right keywords on your website, loading speed is also optimized, and a lot of backlinks are present but if technical SEO is not applied well, then there is a bad effect on the SEO of the website, so it is important to analyze the technical structure of your website and optimize it.

technical seo of website

In technical SEO, you mainly need to check these technical things like crawling, indexing, accessibility for bots, and rankability of the website, for this you can check by visiting Seobility website.

Apart from that, you can also try the following methods:

  • If you have not made the sitemap of your website properly, then make it
  •  In the robots.txt file allow Google or any other search engine’s bots to crawl your website
  • In Google Search Console, check which pages of your website have not been indexed yet and the reason why.

Check for Mobile-Friendliness

You must also know that most people use mobile devices to access the Internet, most of the time you access the Internet from the mobile device itself.

In today’s time, Google is promoting mobile-first indexing because 90% of internet users use mobile devices to access the internet. For this it is important that you also check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not, for this, you can use Google’s own tool Mobile-Friendly Test.

Mobile-friendly is also a major factor in SEO, if your website fits and runs well on all mobile devices then it is mobile-friendly and if it does not work properly or does not fit on any mobile device then it is not mobile-friendly which may affect negative way for your website’s ranking.

Inspect Internal Links

According to Google’s report, if the internal linking structure is not done properly in the pages of your website, then it may be difficult for Google to identify your different pages category-wise. If you want to check whether your website is SEO optimized or not, then definitely pay attention to this factor.

You can use a chrome extension called Check My Links which shows the correct links on your website in green color and the wrong links in red color and then you can optimize the internal links of your website pages accordingly. 

Check Content Relevancy

You already know that content is king, so without relevant content, you cannot rank on Google and if you want to create relevant content, then you have to understand the intent of the user.

According to a report, about 91% of the websites on the Internet never get traffic because they do not create content keeping the user’s intent in mind.

On whichever keyword you are writing content, you will have to analyze many more keywords related to it and understand what the user really wants and you will have to create content according to the user’s intent.

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So if you want to check whether your website is SEO optimized or not, then definitely pay attention to this factor as well. Once you will check and fix all the above-mentioned factors correctly, then the SEO of your website will also be correct and the ranking of your website will also increase.