Best 17+ Profitable Diwali Business Ideas For 2022

The Diwali celebration is one of the most joyous and festive occasions in India. The Diwali celebration is celebrated by more than 1 billion people.

Diwali is a holiday that commemorates the day that Shri Ram Ji triumphantly returned home after killing Ravana.

For many people, Diwali also means a plethora of business opportunities that might bring in thousands of rupees per month.

If you want to know what the best profitable business ideas for Diwali are, then you have come to the right place.

The business that you will read about in this blog post can be launched with very little capital.

Best 17+ Profitable Diwali Business Ideas For 2022

By launching one of the Diwali business ideas listed below, you can make a sizable profit. Even once Diwali is over, you can start these businesses and make money.

#1. Flower & Garland Business

Flower & Garland Business

Flowers are required during holidays like Diwali because they are used to carry out religious rituals.

Starting a flower and garland company would enable you to make lakhs of rupees around Diwali. You can run a floral company all year long and make money.

During Diwali, there is a huge demand for flowers and garlands, which drives up the price and allows you to make a lot of money.

#2. Sell Decor Items

Sell Decor Items

Although there is a demand for decorative items in India every year, during the days of Diwali its demand increases a lot.

Flickering lights and bright colors String lights, candles, oil lamps, crafts, and Rangoli, among others, are extensively used for decoration.

If you have your own shop now then you can start this business from your shop or else you can set up a stall.

#3. Snack Business

Sell Decor Items

You can make lakhs of rupees by operating a snack company because there is an increase in demand for snacks during the days leading up to Diwali.

During Diwali, you can manufacture and sell a variety of foods, including:

  • Samosas
  • chivda
  • Gujia
  • Mathri
  • Aloo Sev
  • Bhakarwadi

You will sell more nutritious snacks as more people buy from you, which will increase your revenue from your business.

You can start this business offline or online, reaching a wider audience with your food.

#4. Start Akash Kandil Business

Start Akash Kandil Business

Houses are decorated with Akash Kandil, which is in high demand during the days leading up to Diwali.

Additionally, many spend between 300 and 3000 rupees on Akash Kandil during Diwali. Aakash kandil can be sold from a stall or your own store.

In order to make more money, you can purchase Aakash Kandil at a lower price from a wholesaler and then sell it to a retail customer for a higher (fair) price.

#5. Make and sell earthen lamps

Make and sell earthen lamps

People love to adorn their Diwali lamps both inside and outside of their homes, and demand for them is particularly high during this season.

Making and selling earthen lamps in a variety of colors and sizes allows you to make lakhs of rupees each month.

If you don’t know how to create clay lamps, you can buy them at a discount on the wholesale market and resell them for more money on the retail market.

With very little initial expenditure, you may launch this business and make a sizable profit.

#6. Sweet Business

Sweet Business

If you’re looking for the most lucrative Diwali business ideas, starting a sweets shop is a good choice.

In India, there is always a desire for sweets, but during the days leading up to Diwali, that demand is particularly high.

If you know how to create sweets, you can make and sell them; if not, you can purchase sweets at a discount and resell them for more money.

When launching this business, consider the location because more people will buy your products if they are sold in an area that is busy.

#7. House Cleaning Service

People clean their homes well during Diwali, although many have large homes because they hire an outside house cleaner to do the cleaning.

Additionally, you can establish a business cleaning people’s homes and profit greatly from it.

This business can be started without funding as well; it is not required.

#8. Clothing Sales Business

People love to wear new garments during Diwali, so there is a huge demand for clothing during that time.

You can make thousands of rupees by purchasing clothing from the wholesale market and reselling it for more money.

You can market clothing for women, men, children, and adults. It is best if you have your own store, but you can also sell clothing by setting up a booth.

With very little capital, you may launch this business and make thousands of rupees.

#9. Rangoli Service

People enjoy placing Rangoli outside of their homes around Diwali, so there is a strong demand for it and a higher price to be paid when selling it.

If you are skilled at creating Rangolis, you may charge clients thousands of rupees for your services.

#10. Mehndi Service

The demand for mehndi is quite strong during Indian celebrations, notably Diwali when women enjoy applying it to their hands.

Mehndi application is an art that not everyone can perform, hence people prefer to hire professionals.

If you have experience applying mehndi, you can charge others for your services and make a lot of money.

#11. Videography and Photography Service

To capture every moment during Diwali, people take photos and videos, and many also hire professional photographers and videographers.

If all you have experience with is photography and videography, you may charge people thousands of pounds for this service.

You need a high-quality camera if you want to take photos or make videos. The only Diwali business you can launch with a small investment is this one.

#12. Decoration Service

People lavishly adorn their homes around Diwali, but as many do not have the time, they hire outside professionals to do it for them.

If you are skilled at decorating, you might provide this service to many clients and make thousands of rupees.

Utilizing social media, you can advertise this service and let people know about it.

#13. Make & Sell Idol

People purchase Lord Ganesha and Lakshmi Mata statues for worship during Diwali.

If you have prior experience creating idols, you can create and market idols of God and make a substantial profit.

However, if you lack the skills to create idols, you may also purchase idols from the wholesale market and resell them for more money in the retail sector.

Additionally, you can create and market artwork depicting God. For this firm to get off the ground, not much capital is required.

#14. Diwali Event Coordinator

During Diwali, the entire family gets together, so it requires an event coordinator who can handle everything.

If you have event planning skills, you might charge millions of rupees for your Diwali event coordination services.

This business can be started with very little capital; it doesn’t require much.

#15. Dry Fruit Business

Although there is always a demand for dry fruits in India, the demand for them significantly rises over the course of the festival of Diwali.

Dry fruit can be purchased at a discount on the wholesale market, then sold at a premium price on the retail market to make much more money.

You can either put up a stall or sell dry fruits out of your own store. To launch this firm, you don’t even require a big investment.

#16. Sell Calendars

Diwali marks the start of the new year for Indians, which is why calendar purchases are popular during this holiday.

By launching a calendar business, you can also make lakhs of rupees during Diwali. This can prove to be a successful company idea if you are looking for Diwali business ideas with cheap investment.

By purchasing the calendar at a discount on the wholesale market and selling it for more on the retail market, you can make money.

#17. Sell Gifts

Gifts are in high demand during Diwali because people like giving gifts to one another.

During Diwali, many people launch lucrative gift-shop businesses. If you run a business, you can open a gift shop there or put up a gift shop stall.

#18. Fruit Business

Fruits are used as offerings to God during Diwali, which greatly boosts the demand for fruits.

From your store or market booth, you can start a fruit company and make thousands of rupees. This firm, likewise, has a low entry barrier.

Fruit can be purchased at a cheaper cost from the wholesale market and then sold at a greater cost in the retail market.

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Any of the aforementioned low-budget profitable Diwali business ideas can be started with little capital and can bring in lakhs of rupees.

In addition to this, you can still conduct the Diwali business I’ve described above after the holiday has passed.

We hope that after reading this blog article, you were able to quickly find the answers to your inquiries.


Q: Which business to do on Diwali?

Ans: You can do the business mentioned below in Diwali?
1. Diwali Snacks and Sweets Business
2. Aakash Qandeel Selling Business
3. Earthen Lamp Manufacturing and Selling Business
4. Selling Decorative Items
5. Sell flowers and flower garlands
6. Clothing Business
7. Selling Women’s Jewelry & Accessories
8. House cleaning work on Diwali
9. Gift Selling Business
10. Selling essential items for worship
11. Idol Making & Selling Business
12. Give Decoration Service

Q: Which business is best on a low budget?

Ans: The snacks and sweets business is good on a low budget.

Q: When is Diwali in 2022?

Ans: Diwali in 2022 is on October 24th.