19+ Different Types of Bloggers? Best List Various Kinds [2022]

Are you also interested in blogging and want to become a blogger then this is the right time to start and for that, you will have to start exploring the blogging universe.

Many people ask what are different types of bloggers there, if you also want to know How many various kinds of bloggers are there? Then this blog post is just for you.

What are the different types of bloggers?

There are many such bloggers who are earning more than $10k/month by blogging from home and they all make different blogs according to their own interests in which they are interested.

What is a blog? A blog is a website on which informational content is shared in the format of images, videos, and text.

What is Blogging? Creating a blog, publishing, updating, editing, and deleting content this process is called blogging.

What is a blogger? A blogger is a person who creates blog content, publishes content, and monetizes the blog, apart from this, he also does many things.

There are various kinds of bloggers who share information or knowledge on different topics, let’s know about the types of bloggers.

You can see a list of various kinds of bloggers:

  • Food Blogger
  • Travel Blogger
  • Lifestyle Blogger
  • Health & Fitness Blogger
  • Music Blogger
  • Parenting Blogger
  • Personal Blogger
  • Photography Blogger
  • Political Blogger
  • Religion Blogger
  • DIY Blogger
  • Interior Design Blogger
  • Personal Finance Blogger
  • Art & Design Blogger
  • Business Blogger
  • News Blogger
  • Movie Blogger
  • Sports Blogger

Let’s know in detail about these different types of bloggers.

Food Blogger

A food blogger is a person who shares information related to different types of food recipes on his blog.

A food blogger teaches you how to cook food according to different types of recipes.

What are the different types of bloggers?

According to a Semrush report, 42% of the food blogger’s income comes from Ad and 7% of income comes from Affiliate Marketing.

A food blogger earns $8000/month which is an average number. Some food bloggers also earn $30,000/month

Travel Blogger

There are many people who like to travel around the world, when these people write their travel experiences in their blogs, then such people are called travel bloggers.

What are the different types of bloggers?

In the United States, 33% of people take out information about that place from travel blogs before they start traveling. More than 59% of travel bloggers run more than 1 blog.

lifestyle Blogger

Lifestyle bloggers share information related to their daily life on their blog such as the beginning of their day, what they eat for lunch, what they do throughout the day, etc.

Lifestyle bloggers videos also create and upload videos of their daily routine, which is also called Vloggers.

What are the different types of bloggers?

90% of lifestyle bloggers in the United States earn up to $9000 a month from their blog

Lifestyle blogger mainly writes a blog on the following topics:

  • Personal lesson
  • Daily Life, Interest, Home Decor
  • Hobbies

Fitness Blogger

People always want to be fit and hence they like to consume online blogs and watch videos. A fitness blogger makes sure that he can give complete information related to fitness in the format of text and video in his blog.

Fitness bloggers mainly write blogs on the following topics:

  • Diets
  • Recipes
  • Workout routine
  • Weight loss guide

Music Blogger

Many people like to read and understand the lyrics of the songs, so they read music blogs. Music blogger shares the lyrics of favorite songs & other related topics on his blog.

Music bloggers mainly write blogs on the following topics:

  • Artist, Album, Songs
  • music charts
  • music technology

Parenting Blogger

When any woman gets their first child, she likes to read parenting blogs to know the tips on how to take care of the baby.

Parenting blogger, in his blog, thoroughly shares information about all the ways in which the parents can learn parenting easily.

Parenting blogger mainly writes on the following topics:

  • Baby food review
  • Parenting tips & advice
  • Child safety precautions

Personal Blogger

Personal bloggers share information about their personal life experiences and routine on their blogs. Blogger connects with people through their blog and people also like to read personal blogs.

Personal bloggers mainly write blogs on the following topics:

  • Personal development
  • Life story
  • Daily life & interest

Photography Blogger

Photography bloggers mainly write about how to take a great photo, what software to use, how to edit photos, etc.

People also like to know about photography because after seeing a photo, people are curious to know how to make such a stunning photo.

Photography blogger mainly writes a blog on the following topics:

  • Photo editing tutorial
  • Photography idea
  • Photography software review

Political Blogger

You can discuss politics openly with very few people, so those who like to write about politics become politics bloggers and share information related to politics on their blogs.

Political blogger mainly writes blogs on the following topics:

  • Fight for social justice
  • Reporting election news
  • Criticizing political people

Religion Blogger

84% of the world’s population believes in some religion and they want to know more and more information about their religion so people like to read religious blogs.

Religious bloggers share information about their religion on their blogs so that awareness about religion can be increased among people.

A religious blogger mainly writes blogs on the following topics:

  • Traditions
  • Prayers
  • Personal stories

DIY Craft Bloggers

DIY Craft Bloggers teach how to make a unique item using metals, sewing, wood, and many more things, and people also love making DIY crafts.

DIY bloggers mainly write blogs on the following topics:

  • Papercraft
  • Sewing items
  • Home decoration

Interior Designer Blogger

Interior designers who do the work of home decorating, share tips about interior designing through blogs, and those who want to improve the interior design of their homes, always read such blogs to get better ideas.

Interior designer blogger mainly writes a blog on the following topics:

  • Holiday home design
  • Design guides
  • Decorating tips for bedroom, kitchen & living rooms

Personal Finance Blogger

Personal finance bloggers teach people how to manage their money, people are interested to know more and more information about finance in today’s time.

Personal finance blogger mainly writes blogs on the following topics:

  • Investing
  • Retirement plan
  • Loans & Debt
  • How to grow money

Arts & Design Blogger

People who like to do arts and design create their own blogs and share the best artwork with people on their blogs.

Arts & Design bloggers share different methods of design apart from this they also teach people to how to design.

Arts & Design bloggers mainly write blogs on the following topics:

  • Arts & Design tutorials
  • Story of artwork
  • Artists interview

Business Bloggers 

There are many business owners & business experts who create their own business blogs and share all the news and information going on in the business world on their blogs.

Business bloggers mainly create blogs on the following topics:

  • Market analysis
  • Industry leaders interview
  • latest business trends

News Bloggers

In today’s time, people mostly use blogs to read news and news bloggers publish the latest news on their blogs and keep their visitors updated.

News blogger mainly writes a blog on the following topics:

  • Local news
  • International news
  • National news
  • Entertainment
  • Technology

Movie Bloggers

Movie bloggers share the latest released movie reviews and information about the best movies on their blogs and people love to read information about movies.

Movies bloggers mainly write blogs on the following topics:

  • Movie review
  • Upcoming movies
  • Celebrities Interviews

Sports Bloggers

Sports bloggers write blogs about their favorite sports i.e. football, basketball, baseball, etc. And sports enthusiasts also like to read these blogs to get the latest information.

Sports blogger writes a blog on the following topics:

  • Upcoming matches
  • Game recap

If you also want to become a blogger and want to earn thousands of dollars sitting at home, then you can also choose one of the blogging niches mentioned above or you can create a blog according to your passion and become a successful blogger.

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