Difference Between Display Ads & Video Ads: Simple Guide [2022]

This is a digital era in which most people prefer to surf online and at the same time, you can use digital advertising to target such potential customers.

Although there are many ways of digital advertising, today we will understand what is the difference between display ads and video ads and you can use it to grow your business.

Difference Between Display Ads & Video Ads: With Example

First, let’s understand what is display advertising?

What are Display Ads

Display advertising is a visual-based advertising method in which static or animated text, images, video animations, links, and audio formats are displayed across websites.

All display ads have different goals one is used for the awareness stage and some ads’ purpose is to generate leads. Banner ads are a very common form of display ads that are used for the awareness stage.

All the ads you see on the website are display ads. If you also want to run a display ad campaign, you can use ad networks like Google Ads and Facebook Ads, Which provide very strong audience targeting features.

Types of Display Ads

There are many types of display aids according to types of targeting goal, let’s know all of them.

Retargeting ads

As the trend of Personalized Ads has increased, so has the use of retargeting display ads, most of the ads you see on the website are all the retargeted ads.

According to a report, 90% of customers prefer to buy a product or service from a brand they know or have ever seen before, so retargeting ads are used the most.

Personalized ads

Retargeted ads are a part of personalized ads, the personalized ads are shown based on the demographics and interests of the user.

Types of Personalized Ads

Affinity Targeting: Affinity targeting ads are shown to the consumers who have shown the most interest in your product.

Custom Affinity Group: This ad is shown to such groups who are more interested in your product than the affinity group.

Custom Intent & In Market Ads: These ads are shown to people who are most likely to buy your product.

Similar Audience Ads: Ad is shown to those who are a similar audience.

Contextually Targeted Ads

The types of ads that we have seen above, all show ads according to the interest of the user, but Contextual ads are targeted according to the keywords present on the website and the location of the visitor.

Site-Placed Ads

You can tell Google to show ads on a specific page of the website according to your criteria and those ads are called site placed ds.

So now let’s understand what is the video Ads then will compare Display Ads vs Video Ads.

What are Video Ads

Video advertising is a marketing technique that uses short video ads at the beginning, middle, or end of a video to generate brand awareness and leads about a product or service.

According to a report, 70% of users use video to know about the product, this is why many companies are using video ads to create brand awareness about the product.

Types of Video Ads

If you want to use video ads for your awareness campaign, you must know about the different types of video ads, so let’s know how many types of video ads are there.

Instream Ads: These ads are placed at the beginning, middle, and end of the youtube video and it is in two formats, skippable and non-skippable, you can skip one ad after 5 seconds and a non-skippable ad Can’t be skipped.

Out Stream Ad: These ads appear on apps and websites outside of YouTube, initially when this ad runs, its sound remains off but the user can get full information about the video by turning on its sound.

Bumper Ads: The length of this type of ad is about 6 seconds, it is shown at the beginning, middle, and end of the video. This type of ad is mainly used for brand awareness.

Video Discovery Ads: You can see these types of ads while searching on YouTube, the YouTube home page feed, and the related videos section.

Masthead Ads: You can see this ad at the top of the home page of YouTube

Display Ads vs Video Ads

So let us now know what is the main difference between a display ad and a video ad, which can be the best & low budget for you.

Video AdsDisplay Ads
Hard to createEasy to create
Require more resourcesRequire fewer resources
Costly to produceAffordable & time efficient
Majorly shown on YouTubeShown on websites & Apps

According to me, if you are just starting out with advertising, then you should go with Display Ads only because video ad is very expensive to make with this, and you will have to spend more money to run Video Ads than Display Ads.

User engagement is very high in video ads, so video ads cost a lot of money.

Let’s also know some stats about video ads and display ads.

Display Ads Stats

Display ads alone accounted for 21% of the entire ad spend in 2021.

US companies may spend $76 billion on programmatic display ads.

The average CTR for a display ad is 0.45%

The average CPC for a display ad is $0.63

Video Ads Stats

The global video advertising market is projected to reach $227 billion by 2027.

The number of YouTube viewers in the United States is 210 million.

The average CTR of video ads is around 1.84%

The average CPC for video ads is around $0.70.

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We hope that after reading this blog post you must have understood which ad format is better for you video ads or display ads and you must have also understood the difference between these two.

So, don’t be in confusion start with one of the ad formats which may suit your pockets and create greater ROI for your business.

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