19+ Businesses to start with $100k in Canada: Profitable Business [2022]

Are you looking to start a profitable business in Canada by investing $100K CAD? then this is the right time to fold your sleeves.

With $1.71 trillion of GDP, Canada is the world’s 10th largest economy and Canada ranks 22nd in the ease of doing business index, which provides the right environment to start a business there.

The demand for these types of business is very high in Canada – real estate, software, finance, e-commerce, and healthcare. Apart from this, there are various business ideas which you will see below.

So let’s know what business to start with $100k CAD in Canada.

What business to start with $100k in Canada

You can start any one of the below-mentioned small businesses in Canada using $100K and make your business profitable.

Digital Marketing Agency

According to a report, by the year 2025, the number of digital marketers will be 10 times more than in the year 2020.

What business to start with $100k in Canada

Especially in Canada, the need for digital marketing is more because most of the people here spend their time online.

If you open a digital marketing agency then you will have to do tasks like SEO, PPC Campaign, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Strategy, Planning, and Lead generation.

If you start this business now with $100K, then in the future you can make this business very big & profitable as it will be more in demand.

Auto Repair

If you have knowledge about auto repairing then you can open this small business in Canada very easily by investing $100K.

Cars are always going to be there and every day someone’s car has some problem & needs repairing services for that, you just have to solve their problem by using your auto repairing skills.

According to a report, 87% of Canadians own a car and of which 37% have two or more cars.

You can also start repairing big luxury cars as well as repairing general cars, for this, you just need to have a good location and understanding of your competitors.

Delivery Services

According to a report, the revenue of the Couriers and Local Delivery Services industry in Canada has increased in the last 5 years, so you can get an idea of ​​the demand for the delivery service.

Anyway, in today’s time, people are very lazy and they need everything sitting at home taking advantage of this, you can start a delivery service in Canada by investing $100k.

Initially, you can start delivering daily essentials like fruits, vegetables, and foods in your delivery service, then gradually you can deliver other items as well.

Solar Water Installation Company

The demand for solar energy in Canada is increasing day by day and most of the solar energy is being used in Ontario.

If you have studied electrical engineering and you have an interest in things related to solar energy, then you can easily start a Solar Water Installation Company in Canada for $100K.

In this, you only have to install the solar water system in people’s homes and for that, you can charge the necessary fees. You can start it as a small business and later make it a big profitable business.

Security Camera Installation Business

According to a report, about 12% of Canadian homes have a security camera installed and the demand for security cameras is constantly increasing in various sectors like banks, offices, public, and government facilities.

Even if you do not have much technical knowledge, still you can start a business by learning the process of installing a security camera in a few months.

If you want to start a business in Canada by investing $100K CAD, this can also prove to be a good business idea for you.

Sports Goods Retail Stores

You can easily sell sports-related things in Canada because its demand is very high. On average a Canadian plays more than one sport.

Anyway, Canada is also included in the top 6 countries that have won the most medals in the Olympics, whether it is Canadian gymnasts, ice hockey, wrestlers, boxers, fencers, shooters, cross country skiers, or biathletes, all of them have won medals for Canada in the Olympics.

Apart from this, people in Canada also like to play sports like football, volleyball, handball, and basketball which makes it a suitable place to do business in sports-related goods.

Fruits & Vegetables Retail Stores

Canadians are very fond of fruits and vegetables and they like to eat fruits and vegetables daily, so you can easily start a fruit and vegetable retail store in Canada.

Fruits and Vegetables are things whose demand is never going to end so you can start the Fruits & Vegetables Business in Canada is $100K CAD and make it profitable.

Health Coaching Business

In today’s time, people are more concerned about their health so they prefer to take coaching sessions with the help of a health expert. The demand for health coaches is very high, especially in Canada.

If you have knowledge of fitness-related exercise then you can easily start a health coach business in Canada for $100K CAD and make a profitable business.

Dog Training Business

People love to keep dogs as a pet and like to hire dog trainers to teach good behavior to their dogs, especially in Canada, the demand for dog trainers is very high.

If you do not know how to train dogs, then you can learn it in a few months and start training the dog.

Web Development Business

As people are getting engrossed in technology, the demand for websites is increasing very much because people visit the website more and more to find the answers to the questions related to any product or service.

In Canada alone, the demand for web developers is growing at 8% per year, so you can get an idea of ​​the demand for web development businesses in Canada.

If you want to start a business in Canada using $100K CAD then a web development business is one of the best small-scale business ideas for you.

SEO Agency Business

Any company needs an SEO process to rank its website on Google and for this, they need an agency that can provide SEO service to them.

Especially in Canada, the demand for an SEO agency is very high, if you have good knowledge of SEO then you can easily start an SEO agency business for $100K CAD.

Medical Waste Disposal Business

If medical waste is not managed properly then it can be very harmful to any human being. Hospitals, laboratories, and dental clinics generate the most medical waste and require professionals to dispose of the medical waste.

If you have good knowledge about Medical Waste Disposal then you can easily start this business in Canada because there is a great need for such business which can dispose of Medical Waste.

Car Wash Service

Car washing is a business in which you do not need to have any unique skills, you just need to know how to wash, clean, and do the waxing of the vehicles.

Anyway, people in Canada are very fond of cars and more than 80% of Canada’s population has their own vehicles so you will get lots of car wash opportunities.

If you want to start a business in Canada by investing $100K CAD, then a car wash service can also be a good option for you.

Home Inspection Business

In the home inspection business, you have to go to people’s homes and buildings and make a report of the physical condition of their homes to ensure that their home is safe.

There is a lot of demand for a home inspection in Canada and you can start it from as low as $100K. You don’t even need a lot of investment to start this business in Canada.

Consulting Business

In today’s time, many people start businesses from scratch in a different niche but they are new, for this, they need consulting from an expert. Apart from this, the consulting business service in the world is about to reach $250 billion.

If you are an expert in any field, then you can consult about the related topic & can charge according to that. If you want to start a business in Canada using $100K, this can prove to be a good business opportunity for you.

Art Business

If you specialize in any art, then you can easily make and sell that art by setting the prices you want. because in Canada visual and sculpture art is very popular

Art is such a topic whose trend will not end as long as we exist.

The best thing in this business is that you can sell your arts online as well so that you will not have to spend on any physical location.

If you want to start a business in Canada by investing $100K CAD, then an art business can be a good business idea for you.

Recruiting Agency

As long as there are businesses and people, the process of hiring will continue, but in today’s time, companies have a lot of problems in hiring a better candidate, so they get this work done through the recruiting agency.

You can easily start a recruiting agency business in Canada by investing $100K and most of your work will be done online.

For recruiting, you have to understand its process well and find the best candidate for the company.

Electronic Repairing Business

Today, the market value of electronic manufacturing in Canada alone is approximately $4.2 billion. This would have given you an idea of ​​the electronic repairing capabilities in Canada.

You should have practical knowledge of tools such as soldering irons, screwdrivers, and wire cutters to start an electronic repairing business.

If you have good knowledge of electronic things then you can easily start an electronic repairing business in Canada by investing $100k CAD.

Gardening Tool Business

The demand for gardening tools in Canada is growing at a CAGR of 3.71%, so this business idea can prove to be a profitable business for you.

Many tools are used for gardening such as a garden hoe, shovel, and mattock which makes the process of gardening easier along with these tools there are lots of gardening tools that you can choose to sell.

You do not need a lot of investment to start such a small business in Canada, but the earning potential is quite high in it.

By now you must have understood what business you can start in Canada using $100K CAD, but to start any business, you have to go through some process, so let’s know all those processes by using which you can start a profitable business.

How to Start Business using $100K CAD: Step-by-Step Process

Below you can know about all the necessary steps that you will have to do to start a business.

Do market research

Before starting any business, you should know that whatever product or service you will provide, is there a demand for it in the market, and will people like to buy it?

If you get the answer to the question that the demand for the business you are starting is in the market and people like to buy it, then move on to the next step.

Define value proposition

Once you are convinced that your product is in high demand in the market, now you need to calculate all your expenses.

Do not proceed to the next step without calculating all the expenses or else your business model will not be profitable.

Create your own business plan

Now that you have done the research that your business is in demand in the market and have calculated all the expenses, then it is time to make a business plan.

Make your business plan according to the following things:

  • Organization and management
  • Service or product line
  • Marketing and sales
  • Funding request
  • financial projections


Once you have completed all the steps mentioned above, after that you will have to register your business in a legal way so that you do not have problems going forward.


If you want to start a physical product business, then you have to make available all the necessary resources so that your product can be produced.

By now you must have understood what business to start with 100k in Canada and what process you need to go through to start a business.

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