Top 21+ Profitable Accounting Business Ideas 2022

The market for global accounting services was estimated to be worth $585 billion in 2021, which illustrates the enormous demand for accounting services.

You’ve come to the perfect place if you want to start an accounting business and want to discover what the greatest accounting business ideas are.

You will learn about the Top 20 Most Profitable Accounting Business Ideas in this blog post, which you may start without a lot of capital.

The businesses listed below are the most lucrative business opportunities for Chartered Accountants (CA), and they require little startup capital.

Profitable Accounting Business Ideas

Below I have listed low investment accounting business ideas from which you can pick one of your best business ideas easily to kick off a profitable venture.

Content writing related to accounting

Content writing related to accounting

A survey claims that many businesses utilize content marketing to achieve marketing objectives including brand exposure and audience education.

Investment: $500

Skills: Content writing, Research

Companies hire content writers to create the text content necessary for content marketing.

You can succeed as a business and as a freelancer by offering article writing services on issues relevant to accounting.

You don’t need a lot of money to start a content writing business; you just need the right talents.

For composing a single word, you can charge anything from $0.05 to $1.50 or more, depending on your level of experience.

Tutoring Business

Tutoring Business

Online tutoring may be the ideal accounting business concept for you because individuals are keener to learn online these days.

Investment: $300

Skills: Teaching, Research,

You are permitted to impart accounting-related knowledge while setting your own rates.

To teach people, you don’t need a separate classroom; you may get started at home for very little money.

Career Coaching Business

Career Coaching Business

As more people now seek the advice of industry professionals when making job-related decisions, there is a very high demand for career coaching businesses.

Investment: $500

Skills: Customer Service, Design, Business, Research

One-on-one career counseling is the responsibility of a career coach, just as you could offer accounting-related career counseling to people.

You can provide clients with job path guidance on a variety of subjects, including business, resume building, goal setting, etc.

You can easily launch a career coaching business from your home if you are an expert in accounting or any other field.

Become an Author

Become an Author

You can write a book about accounting and sell it online if you have a solid understanding of the subject.

Investment: $10k

Skills: Writing, Design, Business, Research

People enjoy reading expertly written novels, therefore if you enjoy writing, this business concept may prove to be the most lucrative one for you.

You must put in a lot of reading and writing time in addition to articulating your authorial viewpoint in depth if you want to become a successful writer.

Financial Advisor

A financial advisor’s responsibility is to assist clients in making financial decisions, such as how much to invest, how to save, how to set financial goals, etc.

Investment: $50k

Skills: Coaching, Customer Service, Business, Research

If you are an accounting professional, you can give advice to people on how to meet their financial objectives and set prices accordingly.

If you don’t already possess these abilities, you should first thoroughly learn them.

Real Estate Appraisal Service

A professional in real estate evaluation evaluates the worth of a piece of property.

Investment: $50k

Skills: Accounting, Real Estate, and Factors Responsible for Price, Customer Service, Business, Research

This business could prove to be your most lucrative venture if you have a solid knowledge of accounting, real estate, and price-determining elements.

Your role in this company will be to make pricing estimates for everything from a single house to a commercial structure.

Risk Management Business

Many individuals choose to use risk management services to control their financial risk.

Investment: $100K

Skills: Accounting, Real Estate, Customer Service, Business, Research

A bachelor’s degree in business management, statistics, or finance is required if you want to specialize in risk management.

Before you can launch a risk management company from your home, you must first have the appropriate expertise.

Credit Repair Service

Research predicts that the global market for credit card services would expand at a CAGR of 13.76%.

Investment: $30K

Skills: Customer Service, Business, Research

Restoring inaccurate credit card listings will be your primary responsibility in credit card repair, and demand for this is rapidly increasing.

People seek to improve their credit scores by getting rid of their low credit scores, which is the key driver of the increased demand for credit card repair services.

Forensic Accountancy Service

Due to the current state of the economy and the government’s intense scrutiny of businesses, there is a very high demand for forensic accounting services.

Investment: $20K

Skills: Customer Service, Business, Research, Accountancy

Forensic Accounting Service’s primary tasks include transaction record analysis, fraud investigation, money laundering investigation, and bribery investigation.

Experts in forensic accounting are employed by businesses and governments. You need to have a master’s degree in accounting to launch this firm.

Provide Service of Certified Public Accountant

A Certified Public Accountant’s duties include auditing, budget report preparation, and financial record analysis.

Investment: $50K

Skills: Customer Service, Business, Research, Accountancy

A Certified Public Accountant is a type of financial consultant who aids people in achieving their financial objectives.

You need a degree in accounting to perform the duties of a certified public accountant.

Remote Bookkeeping

Every business app organization needs to keep a record of its transactions and cash flow, which is done through bookkeeping.

You may earn: $50k – $400k /Month

Investment: $5k

Skills: Customer Service, Business, Research, Accountancy

If you are proficient in accounting and bookkeeping, you can provide small businesses with remote bookkeeping services.

By the way, there is a wide variety of internet software available that makes bookkeeping simple; you can utilize it.

By employing web conferencing, you may quickly interact with your clients and create lasting relationships.

Collection Agency

Due to the fact that many such organizations do not receive payment from their clients on time, businessmen search for an organization that can follow up with their clients to finish the payment.

You may earn: $30k – $200k /Month

Investment: $10k

Skills: Customer Service, Business, Research, Accountancy

In this line of employment, you only need to follow up with the client and, if the invoice is not paid in full, suspend their service. There is no tedious labor to be done.

This company may prove to be the greatest accounting firm for you if you have strong accounting and communication abilities.

Notary Business

In this line of work, your primary responsibility is to sign legal documents as an unbiased witness. An accounting specialist can simply launch a notary business.

You may earn: $5k – $50k /Month

Investment: $10k

Skills: Customer Service, Business, Research, Accountancy

Real estate deeds, affidavits, wills, trusts, powers of attorney, bills of sale, and other official transactional papers are typically included in notary service.

Once your notary service is up and running, you can charge clients money for notarizing any and all documents.

Mortgage Reduction

You can renegotiate between individuals and businesses to get a better monthly rate for mortgage payments.

If you have experience in managing loans and working in financial institutions, then mortgage reduction work can prove to be the best business idea for you.

You can charge according to the more results you bring to this business. The more you save your client’s money, the more profit you will make.

You must have excellent negotiation skills and financial knowledge when dealing with a client.


The job of microfinancing is to finance money in such businesses or startups that struggle to get money from banks or credit unions.

To start this business, you should have a good fund, without which you will not be able to start this business.

Before investing in any business, you have to investigate them from every angle so that you are sure that wherever you are investing, your money will not be lost.

In this business, you can take service fees and also take equity from any business you finance.

tax preparation

There are many such businesses who do not know what benefits they can take from it while filing taxes.

If you have good experience in tax management then you can do tax preparation for small businesses and charge your money accordingly.

Along with small businesses, you can also do tax preparation for individuals who have more money.

Crypto Tax Business

Anyway, managing the tax is a difficult task for the business, but since the task of managing the tax of bitcoin has come, it has become even more difficult.

The number of total bitcoin holders in the United States alone in 2022 is more than 83 million, so crypto tax filing is also increasing.

To start this business, you should have a very good experience in tax management as well as you should have knowledge of crypto tax.

Payroll Business

HR is responsible for managing payments to employees in companies, but payroll is difficult due to tracking hours worked, calculating employees’ pay, and distributing payments via direct deposit.

If you have good knowledge about payroll systems then you can make payroll work easy by creating payroll software.

To start this business, you must have a good budget and an expert team.

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We anticipate that after reading this blog article, you were able to quickly find the answer to your query.